Founded in 2014, Meerchant was built on the belief that small merchants are the building blocks to a vibrant and culturally-rich environment. We believe helping these small merchants to be competitive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape creates a more diverse set of choices for customers and a stronger economic fabric from which to build communities. Meerchant builds solutions that bring automation and new revenue opportunities to brick and mortar businesses and new services that earn loyalty and gratitude from their customers—solutions previously only available to large chains with large technology budgets.


Gerardo Capiel


Gerardo Capiel has over 25 years of experience leading the development of innovative SaaS and mobile software.  Gerardo was co-founder, director, and CTO of Digital Impact, a publicly traded e-marketing software developer, which is now Acxiom Impact.  Gerardo was also co-founder and CEO of Gydget, which created social network marketing products for the entertainment sector. Just prior to Meerchant, Gerardo took a "tech tour of service" as VP of Engineering of Benetech, a nonprofit developing software for humanitarian causes. Part of his role at Benetech was representing Benetech at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other leading standards groups in the field of accessibility in education.

Gerardo holds a BS in Engineering Systems and Computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Mark Aronica 


Before Meerchant, Mark was VP of Customer Success for WatchDox and Appcelerator. Before that, he was with VMware where he spent 8 years helping the company grow from 300 people when he joined, to 13,000 when he left.  While at VMware he built the Technical Account Manager program, started their emerging markets services business, and ran services WW for their Cloud Business Unit. He grew each program to over a $30M business, was responsible for the integration of multiple acquisitions, and supported channel enablement.

Mark is also an alumnus of Accenture and has a Masters from Harvard University with advanced coursework at MIT.