Logging in to ChowBOT from your computer or mobile phone browser is a great way to monitor your online orders remotely.  It could also be helpful having the ability to change a ChowBOT setting, such as ordering hours or deactivating a menu item, when you're not at your restaurant. We've published a new support article describing how to login to ChowBOT from anywhere.

Another reason to login from your computer is that it could be helpful when adding descriptions to your menu items. Using a computer's physical keyboard is usually easier and quicker than typing in long descriptions directly through your Clover's screen keyboard. 

It's also a great way to chat with us at ChowBOT Support! The same blue "?" chat window is available on the web browser as what you already see when you open the ChowBOT app on your Clover terminal.  Give it a try! 

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