The San Francisco neighborhood of Noe Valley has seen a lot of change over the last few decades yet Fattoush, a small mediterranean restaurant with a staff of four, has been a mainstay on the street for twenty years. Its owner, Abed Amas, knows that a restaurant’s survival is tied to its ability to adapt to the changing times. So when regular customer and Meerchant founder, Gerardo Capiel, began talking to him about his idea for ChowBOT, he was all ears.

Amas says, “Takeout and delivery was just a small part of my revenue until I started using ChowBOT. The orders would come in by phone or fax, and if someone ordered through a delivery service, my staff had to rekey the order so a ticket would print in the kitchen. Now, with ChowBOT, all the orders from 3rd party sites such as GrubHub and Eat24 are consolidated and the workflow is automated. My staff can focus on serving our customers in the restaurant and preparing food since all delivery and takeout orders now come in directly to the Clover terminal and get printed directly in the kitchen. The process is seamless.”

Amas also praises the Curbside option in ChowBOT, which his customers love. He explains, “San Francisco is known for its limited parking and this neighborhood is no exception. With ChowBOT, customers can select curbside pickup. They are kept up to date on their order via text message and when their order is ready, they are notified to drive up to the restaurant with their phones raised. The phone flashes, alerting my staff to the right car, and their food is delivered. No parking space needed.”

Amas appreciates ChowBOT’s sales model, which he thinks is very fair for the restaurateur. He explains, “This industry has changed a lot over the last few years with technology companies such as GrubHub, Caviar and EAT24 all taking a large percentage of sales. While they bring value, I appreciate that ChowBOT allows me to take back some of the revenue that I had been paying to delivery services by allowing me to offer our own portal for loyal customers that order direct from us. I will still use ordering services, but the more I can build the direct side of my business, the better I will be since I can control all aspects of the relationship, from customer marketing to food delivery.”

As Amas considers how to evolve Fattoush, ChowBOT is top of mind. He says, “ChowBOT has increased my overall sales by 30%-40% so of course I’m thinking about making takeout and delivery a bigger priority. I am currently thinking about reconfiguring the entire restaurant around this opportunity and none of this would be possible if not for ChowBOT.”