One of the unique features of the ChowBOT app is curbside pick-up, which allows customers to pick-up to-go orders without getting out of their cars. This feature is a dream for people without parking karma, parents with kids asleep in their car seats, people who don’t want to get wet on rainy days, moms pushing SUV strollers that don’t want to wrestle with the restaurant door, and anyone that wants a great meal without the normal hassles associated with pick-up. And, of course, it allows restaurants to drive more direct revenue and customer loyalty.


PizzaHacker in San Francisco’s Mission District has been seeing its curbside orders steadily grow since it began using ChowBOT. In only seven months, the restaurant’s curbside orders have grown by more than 70%. Many of these orders are from new customers who have wanted to try the legendary pizza but live too far to walk to the restaurant and don’t want the hassle of parking. And, order size of curbside is often larger, presumably because it’s easier to order more since you don’t need to carry the food yourself.


Of the service, Jeff Krupman of PizzaHacker says, “ChowBOT has turned to-go orders from a pain to a pleasure. Due to limited parking in our neighborhood, our customers struggled picking up to-go orders. Now, with ChowBOT, customers can choose curbside pickup. ChowBOT has made me a hero to my customers who never have to find a parking space again."


And Yelp reviews show that the novel experience triggers positive comments from customers. As one reviewer put it: “…delicious pizza in tow and you didn’t even need to get out of your pajamas to retrieve it... How brilliant is that? But now that I know this, this is terrible news for my low carb dieting efforts!”


Here’s how curbside in ChowBOT works:

  • A customer places an online order.
  • When the order is ready, the customer receives a text message telling them that the order is ready for pickup. A link is provided in the message that the customer is instructed to click when in front of the restaurant.
  • When the link is clicked by the customer, the restaurant is notified that they are outside, either by phone or SMS.
  • The restaurant can then run the food outside and identify the correct driver by their cell phone, which lights up with a unique color and order number.


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