When Eric Bower, a business consultant with a national bank, sees a Grubhub sticker on the door of a restaurant, he knows how his conversation will begin. “In a business with small margins, Grubhub is a powerful tool for restaurants, but also an expensive one,” Bower says. “I start my conversations with restaurateurs not by talking about payment processing but rather by asking about Grubhub. Inevitably, talk turns to Grubhub’s fees. I would never suggest that restaurants eliminate Grubhub altogether. Rather, I ask whether they would like to save 50% of the fees with a new solution that allows them to easily build their own ordering portal and tap into the UberRUSH (or other) delivery network. It’s a win-win for my customers and this approach has proven again and again to be successful.”

Once the restaurateur is excited about the opportunity to save fees, Bower then talks about the other benefits of ChowBOT. For customers working with multiple ordering marketplaces, such as Eat24, and Grubhub, ChowBOT streamlines the process, sending all orders to the kitchen display or printer. Bower says, “Being able to eliminate the multiple fax machines and rekeying of orders is something that restaurants get excited about. Many have felt the pain of accidentally missing a Grubhub order in the typically messy workflow and the repercussions can be painful. ChowBOT’s ability to provide a direct line into the POS and directly to the cook, streamlines the workflow and make everything work seamlessly.”

Eric’s Sales Tips:

  1. Focus on heavy Grubhub customers
  2. Validate that there is pain in paying Grubhub fees
  3. Focus on cost savings of adding a direct online ordering solution
  4. Share additional benefits such as order consolidation, on-demand delivery services, or curbside deliver