How to: setup third party ordering site consolidation

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An add-on feature of the ChowBOT service is the ability to capture inbound orders from 3rd party ordering sites and redirect those orders to your ChowBOT enabled printer.  As a result, orders that come in directly via the ChowBOT ordering page or from a 3rd party ordering site will all similarly print out for your kitchen staff.  By auto-forwarding the order emails coming from a 3rd party site to the ChowBOT service, ChowBOT is then able to print those orders out automatically just as if the order had come in directly via the ChowBOT powered ordering page.

Setting up order capture for the first time requires the following two steps. The first step only needs to be completed once. The second step needs to be completed for each 3rd party ordering service you wish to capture orders from. 

NOTE: Before continuing, please select a ChowBOT subscription level that supports Order Consolidation (eg "TOTAL" or "BASIC + CONSOLIDATE"). Otherwise you will receive an error in Step 1 below. 


Steps Overview

  1. Configure gmail with the ChowBOT forwarding email address

  2. Add email forwarding rule for each 3rd party ordering service



  • Active google email account. (create gmail account now)
  • Active with supported 3rd party ordering site (see supported services below)
  • 3rd party ordering sites configured to send order details to your gmail account (you may need to contact the 3rd party ordering site to enable this functionality)


Supported 3rd Party Ordering Services:

* The beta status means we'll need to analyze the first few incoming orders that are sent to us before we'll start capturing them to your Clover system and printing them out.  The other services will start working immediately after you configure your forwarding per the directions below.



Orders received by ChowBOT from 3rd party ordering sites automatically store details about the order in your Clover system. However, ChowBOT currently does not store the following details in Clover, although the values are shown on the printed order ticket:

  • Taxes
  • Tips
  • Delivery Fees

Step 1: Configure gmail with the ChowBOT forwarding email address

1. Identify your Merchant ID Number. Go to your online ordering page and write down the number after the "?" in the web address URL (see image below). This number is your unique Merchant ID Number. In our example image below, it shows that the Merchant ID Number is "1001". You can ignore any additional text after this first number. You will need to reference the Merchant ID Number is step 4 below. 

image 3.png

2. Go to the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab in your Gmail settings page by clicking: HERE

3. Click Add a forwarding address in the “Forwarding” section.

4. A pop up window will say "Add a forwarding address". In the text box, copy and paste in the following email address, replacing the "[INSERT MERCHANT ID NUMBER HERE]" with the number you wrote down in the first step above: [INSERT MERCHANT ID NUMBER HERE]

In the example from step 1, where the Merchant ID Number was 1001, the email address you would enter would be: as shown in the image below:


5. Click the "Next" button and then click "Proceed" in the next pop up box


6. Refresh your web browser and make sure that "Disable Forwarding" is selected in the "Forwarding" section. 

Step 2: Add email forwarding rule for each 3rd party ordering service

1.  Continuing from Step 1, stay logged in to your gmail account.

2.  Find the service you're setting up below, and click on the name of the service to have the forwarding rule generated for you: 

3.  Click the "Create filter with this search" link at the bottom. As an example, the image below shows what this pop-up box should look like for the Caviar service.

4.  Click the checkbox next to "Forward it to:" and select the email address you added in Step 1. The image below shows an example if the Meerchant ID Number was "1001":


5.  Click the blue "Create Filter" button at the bottom.

You have now completed the setup process. You can test the setup by placing a small order on the 3rd party ordering website to confirm that the order shows up on your order dashboard and prints out as expected.