How to: configure phone settings

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As part of every ChowBOT subscription, a customer is provided with their own unique phone number.  When a customer calls this assigned phone number, an "automated attendant" will let the customer know that they can press 1 to receive a text message with a link to the merchant's online menu, or press 2 and they'll be immediately connected directly to the merchant's phone number.  Also, if a customer texts the word "order" to the phone number, ChowBOT will automatically reply with a link to the online menu. Publishing and advertising this assigned number allows customers to easily find a merchant's online ordering page. In addition to the default behavior, this article covers some of the customizations a merchant can make to allow the phone system to work best for a business.

To find the number assigned to a business, open the ChowBOT app or web interface, and click on the Settings tab at the top. At the top of the page, in the Order Link and Auto-Attendant Phone section, you will see the assigned phone number listed:


Section 1: Record Custom Voice Message

ChowBOT allows merchants to replace the pre-recorded voice with a custom message using their own voice and their own recording. To record your own custom message, perform the following steps:

  1. Call the assigned auto-attendant phone number from one of the phone numbers entered into the Settings page's Main Phone or SMS capable Support Phone fields. By calling from one of these two phone numbers, a third option will be provided in the message which allows you to change the recorded message. 
  2. Press 3 to record a new message. Once you have recorded the new message, press the asterisk/star key to save the message. Messages can be up to 30 seconds in length. 

Note that all messages should at least include instructions to "press 1 to receive a text message of our online menu or press 2 to be immediately connected to someone in the restaurant".  However, you can add additional details such as hours of operation or business address, and provide the message in additional languages.

Section 2: Forward Current Business Phone to Automated Phone

To take advantage of ChowBOT's assigned number,  merchants can also simply forward their existing business numbers to the assigned ChowBOT number. Doing this allows restaurants to avoid having to advertise a new phone number. However, note that this approach will not support the texting of "order" feature to receive a link to the online menu as noted in the above Summary section.  Also, it is recommended that you have a second phone number that dials into the restaurant. This additional business number should be added to the Main Phone field in the ChowBOT Settings page. You should never forward the same number listed in the Main Phone field. Otherwise the phone system will call itself in an endless loop.

Turning on phone forwarding for your business number varies by different telecom providers. Below are links to a few of the more common providers. You can call your phone provider to get specific directions for your carrier. 

  • Comcast:
    • Forward: Pickup phone, wait for dial tone, then press *72, enter 10 digit ChowBOT number, wait for ChowBOT to pickup, then hangup
    • Cancel Forwarding: *73
  • AT&T
    • Forward: Same as Comcast above. However, in some regions the code may be 72# to activate
    • Cancel Forwarding: Same as Comcast above. However, in some regions the code may be 73# to deactivate

Section 3. Advertise Phone Number 

One of the best ways to get the word out about your business phone number, website, and location is by setting the business up in Google Search and Google Maps. Follow these directions for step by step guide on how to setup or claim your business with Google. During the setup process, remember to use the ChowBOT phone number instead of the business phone number, and use your ChowBOT order page for the Menu link.