How to: setup Self Delivery

(Article #1003)


To enable self-delivery (delivery supported by the merchant’s delivery team), we ask the merchant to send ChowBOT Support a few configuration requirements. Once received, ChowBOT support will then configure and enable the system to support the requested configuration. Finally, ChowBOT Support will alert the merchant that the configuration is complete and ready for testing. The configuration details that ChowBOT Support requires, includes details such as minimum order size required, if there is an order size where the delivery becomes free and the fees and distances that the merchant's delivery team will travel. The ChowBOT system will then automatically generate items in your Clover Inventory that exactly correspond to each delivery fee. These delivery items allow ChowBOT to properly charge and account for the delivery fees inside your Clover system.


  1. Details to Provide

  2. Example

Section 1: Details to Provide

Please provide the following details to ChowBOT Support to complete the delivery configuration:

Global Parameters:

  • Minimum Order Size: The dollar amount of food (including taxes) required in order to enable the delivery option. If an order is less than this value, then the delivery option will not be enabled. Default is $0.

  • Free Threshold: The dollar amount of food (including taxes) where delivery fee will be waved. Default is to have no free threshold. Note that the delivery fee will only be waved up to the maximum distance defined in your pricing tiers (see below).

Pricing Tiers:

  • Price: Price charged to customer for delivery at a specific tier.

  • Max Distance: The maximum number of driving miles where this pricing tier is valid. Driving miles are calculated using a Google Maps driving route algorithm. A strict circular radius (i.e., “as the crow flies”) is not currently supported.

  • Tax Rate: When the pricing tiers are initially setup by the ChowBOT Support team, they will be set to "untaxed". However, the merchant may update the corresponding delivery items and define a default tax rate. Note that custom tax rates are not currently supported for delivery.

Section 2. Example

If, for example, you wanted a minimum order size for delivery of $10, to charge $4 up to 2 miles away, charge $6 up to 4 miles away, but free if the order is over $50 (up to the max distance you set, which in this case is 4 miles), then you would specify to ChowBOT Support the following:

  • Delivery 2 Miles:
    • Price: $4
    • Max Distance: 2 Miles
  • Delivery 4 Miles:
    • Price: $6
    • Max Distance: 4 Miles
  • Finally, you would then alert ChowBOT support that you want the Minimum Order Size = $10 and the Free Threshold = $50