How to: login to Chowbot from the web

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Many will find it easier to use a computer's physical keyboard with ChowBOT or would like to see their ChowBOT Orders Dashboard from their phone browser. ChowBOT therefore supports logging in to the same ChowBOT Clover app interface, but directly via a web browser. You can access the web interface at: However, because ChowBOT uses Google Sign-in authentication, first confirm that the email you listed in the ChowBOT Settings tab under the General section is registered with google.

If you listed a address, then you're already registered with google and you can log into ChowBOT on the browser using that account's email and password. However, if the email listed isn't a account and you do not want to change it to an existing account, then you'll need to register that non-google email account with google to gain access to ChowBOT via the web. Follow the steps below to confirm your email address and to register it with Google if necessary.



  1. Confirming / Changing Your ChowBOT Email Address

  2. Registering a email address with google

  3. Logging in to

Section 1: Confirming / Changing Your ChowBOT Email Address

In order to login to ChowBOT from the Web, you need to list an email address in ChowBOT that is registered with Google. To learn or change what address you currently have listed with ChowBOT, follow these steps:

a. Open the ChowBOT app on your Clover device:

b. Click on the Settings tab:

c. Find the Email box under the General section: (see image below)


If the email address listed ends in, then you can login to with that email address and it's associated password. However, if it is not a account, you can either change it to a account and click Save, or you can first register the non-gmail email address with google.  

Section 2: Registering a email address with google

To login to ChowBOT from a browser, you can use a address that you already have, or create a new account. You can also add a non email address to an existing account. However, if you'd rather not use a address with ChowBOT, then you can register the current email address listed with ChowBOT with google through the following steps:

a. Visit Google's "Sign Up Without Gmail" webpage at:

b. Complete the form and click the "Next step" button

c. Complete the verification steps

d. Visit and login with your email address and new password that you registered with Google.

Section 3. Logging in to 

To view the ChowBOT app on your computer or phone browser, go to: and login using the following steps:

a. Enter the email address listed in the ChowBOT settings screen and the associated password you have registered with Google. 

b. Google may ask you to confirm that ChowBOT can have access. Choose the check box "Remember this approval for the next 30 days" and then click the "Allow" button (see image below). As indicated in the message below, we do not have access to your email or other Google details. Clicking "Allow" only allows us to confirm that you are who you say you are. 


c. You should now see the ChowBOT interface. If you get an error message that the google account is not associated with ChowBOT, then confirm the following: