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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. In the clover App Marketplace, your app description mentions Charging "tokens". What are those?

A. Tokens are ChowBOT's way of charging 1% of online orders. The Clover App Marketplace does not currently support charging merchants a percent of sales. In order to charge the 1% of online sales mentioned in the above pricing model, ChowBOT uses a "token" approach. These tokens are charged based on the price of the order. For example, if a customer orders a $10 meal online through ChowBOT, the service will charge your account $.10 (ten cents) in tokens (i.e., 1% of the order). The purchase of these tokens will then show up on your monthly bill from Clover. 


Q. How do I know if delivery is available in my area?

A. Our current on-demand delivery partner is Postmates. If you visit the Postmates home page and type in your business address, they will let you know if delivery is available in your area. You can also install ChowBOT and look in the settings screen. ChowBOT will use the address of your business to see if Postmates supports your area. ChowBOT will only allow you to enable the delivery service if it is available in your area.